About Dr. Skelton

In 1928, Dr. William E. Skelton became a member of 4-H, initiating 76 years of volunteer service and leadership within the youth education program. Following graduation from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 1940 with a degree in Agricultural Engineering, Dr. Skelton became a 4-H Extension Agent and served in a total of 10 counties as an employee of Virginia Cooperative Extension. During his time at Virginia Tech, Dr. Skelton served as Director of 4-H programs and Director of the Cooperative Extension Service. The Smith Mountain Lake 4-H Educational Conference Center and five other Virginia 4-H Centers were established under his leadership. He was appointed Dean of the Extension Division in 1965. Following his retirement in 1979, Dr. Skelton was conferred with the honorary title of Dean Emeritus of Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Dr. Skelton remained committed to 4-H, volunteering and aiding in the development of this 4-H Center and its facilities and programs until his passing in 2008. For 37 years, he served as volunteer and Board Member of the Smith Mountain Lake 4-H Educational Conference Center, a campus which was renamed in his honor in 2004.

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