Discovery Program at Skelton 4-H Center

We are proud to offer classes specifically created around young learners and introducing them to the natural world around them in a safe, guided manner. These high-energy, hands-on activities encourage self-driven learning and cooperation.

Classes include: Wonderful Wildlife, Beautiful Birds, Fun in the Forest, Amazing Aquatics, Nature Art, and more!


Discovery Program Objectives:

  • To increase students’ appreciation and awareness of local natural resources
  • To increase students’ awareness of connections and interdependence to the natural world through interactive, discovery-based activities
  • To cultivate curiosity, critical reasoning and evaluative skills
  • To promote self esteem and confidence
  • To promote safe risk taking, self confidence, trust, goal setting, problem solving, leadership skills, self discovery and teamwork

For more information, feel free to contact our Outdoor Education Coordinator:
or (540) 721-2759 ext. 253