Geocaching Returns to the Skelton 4-H Center

Recently, we had a conferencing group ask if they could use our geocaching course as part of their teambuilding retreat. This course had kind of fallen into disrepair - many of the caches had been removed, and the markers for the course had fallen victim of weather and other natural issues.

We knew it was time to update, and boy, what an update it got! Our old friend and former staff member Ranger came out to give us a hand in updating the caches. He remade the entire course so that you can use a GPS unit or a map and compass to navigate from a starting point to the cache. Inside we have real journals, some Skelton geoswag, and hopefully soon we can boast geoswag from all of the folks who have used our course.

If you or your group want to go geocaching, let us know. It's easy to add to any program or retreat!

Can you guess where the caches are in the pictures below? Comment and let us know.