Wildlife Studies Curricula

The W.E. Skelton 4-H Center houses many reptiles and amphibians in the James A. Meador Nature Building and our grounds are home to and incredible variety of wildlife that can be spotted from trails and shores around camp. Visitors are sure to catch a glimpse of at least one wild animal while they are on site, and in our Wildlife Studies classes we ensure that students and teachers can have a discourse on the habitats, physical makeup, diet, and all other sorts of interesting information about the animals with whom we share the planet.


Fishing & Fish ID

What better sport to experience first hand than at Smith Mountain Lake!  Students will learn about the anatomy (internal and external) of fish to identify different fish that call SML home.  Students will sample the lake using a seine net to check the diversity of the lake.   Using simple rod and reel poles and live bait, students will experience the art and sport of fishing.


Outrageous Ornithology

With their beauty, color, songs and flight, birds have provided great inspiration to people throughout the ages.  No wonder bird watching is one of the fastest growing forms of outdoor recreation in the US!  Many people find it fascinating to watch these flying creatures, often marveling at some of their unusual and comical behaviors.

Wildlife Ecology

All animals need four essential things to survive: food, shelter, water and space.  Animals develop adaptations, physical and behavioral, to aid in fulfilling these needs.Students will discover the importance that animals play in the ecosystems they inhabit and the importance of their adaptations in their survival.

Wooly Bears, Worms & Weevils

Students will examine anatomy, life cycles, adaptations, classifications and the role of insects, worms and other creepy crawly organisms.  They will see these animals in action in our Riparian Buffer Butterfly Garden, compost bins and live animal exhibits.  Outfitted with hand lens, students will continue their adventures by observing native Virginia insects in their natural habitat.

For more information, feel free to contact our Outdoor Education Coordinator: skelton4houtdoored@vt.edu
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